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The Anglican Church of the Resurrection is a fellowship of Christians who believe that Jesus is THE way to salvation as He said in the Bible. We, the church, are not perfect, just forgiven. And we enjoy one another’s company socially as well as spiritually. All are welcome to join us as we seek to know God and make Him known to the world. If you want to know more, just come and see.


While the Anglican Church became independent during the Protestant Reformation, our worship reflects our roots in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditions and celebrates seven Sacraments: Baptism, Eucharist, Healing, Reconciliation, Marriage, Confirmation, and Ordination.


The Anglican Church recognizes 
three authoritative books:
 The Holy Bible as the 
holy Word of God containing all things necessary to salvation, The 
Book of Common Prayer 
containing the structure
 of our worship services, and The Hymnal containing our songs of worship and praise. 
The essence of our beliefs is expressed by the 
historic creeds of the
 church—the Nicene, Apostles, and  Anthanasian creeds.

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Our service is at 10:00 AM

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